Reliable offset printing leaflets

To order the printing of leaflets, people could not help think about what kind of printing method it is best to choose. It is interesting that today the classical method of printing is reliable offset printing leaflets. What is Offset Printing? Put simply, it is a classic technology of production of printed materials. This process is self-name from the English word “offset”, which literally translates as “transfer”. Offset printing for the first time you could see about a hundred years ago. No doubt at the time these machines were not yet so well automated and improved, as it is today, but still in a modern printing house worth modern equipment, which preserved the basic principle of offset printing.

What is the basic principle? The essence is that the image on the paper is not directly transmitted from the printing plate, but uses the intermediate shaft or cylinder. First passes through the ink form roller, and therefore supplied to the intermediate cylinder and only then fed to the paper or paperboard, depending on the particular product to be made.

Interestingly, many printing services are calculated based on the volume of the party. And, at first glance, the paradox is that the more the party, the less the cost per unit of output. What is the reason? And it is connected with one aspect, the above-mentioned method of printing. We can say that a significant disadvantage of offset printing is the very fact that the preparation of forms – long-playing and costly. As a result, produce small batches of prints very profitable due to the high cost of one unit.

The same principle applies in cases when it comes to printing in the printing of booklets. Even the beautiful colored booklets on quality paper can be quite low production cost, if they ordered a very large number.

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And what methods produced a printing color printing? In order to achieve the full-color image expansion used all available shades on four primary colors. Thereafter, already prepared by more than one form, as described above, but four. Then each of them the corresponding color ink is applied. This may be yellow, black, blue and purple hues. It is interesting that through the combination of these four colors are obtained precise elements of drawing and shadow smooth transitions from one tone to another.

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